Innovation Matchmaking

Bring together all your innovation partners, suppliers and customers on one platform to help facilitate exchanges and transactions.

Create your own innovation community

Allow your innovation partners, suppliers and customers to promote their businesses, products and services within your own marketplace community. Allow users to easily browse through showcase profiles through the platforms’ advanced search functionalities and encourage the promotion of user businesses.  

Make recommended matches

Facilitate relationships between entities in your community. Utilize the platform’s powerful recommendation tool to match any type of user group. The advanced matchmaking tool can be configured based on your customized profile-based matching rules and an advanced semantic-based algorithm.

Monetize your innovation community

Connect user entities in your innovation community with companies, products and services to encourage transactions. Enable the platforms payment gateway at any point of the program workflow to allow users to make transactions with monetary or virtual currencies.

Products used for Innovation Matchmaking

Find the right software solution to help you manage your Innovation Matchmaking program.

In today’s rapid-cycle business environment driven by technology advances, increasing and dynamic customer expectations, and a shifting competitive landscape, continuous innovation has become an imperative for most organizations.

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