Employee Engagement & Recognition

Tap into the collective knowledge of your employees to build a culture of innovation, encourage internal collaboration, increase team member buy-in, engagement and motivation.

Engagement matters

Let your employees know that they are important. Motivate your employees and create a sense of belonging and awareness within your organization. Run awards programs or company-wide challenges to help promote employee engagement.

Innovation culture

Your employees are your greatest source of innovation. Champion a culture of innovation within your organization, by running open calls for ideas or contests to let employees come up with solutions to your biggest challenges. Reward employees with monetary or nonmonetary incentives to encourage participation in incentives. 

Project management 

Effortlessly deploy your employee engagement or evaluation incentive across your organization through your customized web portal, specifically designed to encourage participation in the initiative. Utilize the platforms superior idea submission, selection and evaluation functionalities to help program administrators run programs efficiently.

Products used for Employee Engagement & Recognition

Find the right software solution for your Employee Engagement & Recognition program.

 Over the past two decades, employee engagement has served as a measure of work experience and consistently been shown to be related to increased employee retention, workplace safety, performance, quality, customer satisfaction, sales results, and financial growth.

Evolving an engaging work experience

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